Blow Molding Machine


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Fully Electric Power Shuttle Blow Molding Machines for Packing Containers ranging 0.8~10 Liters

The NHBM-E Series is exceptional machines combine the benefits of servo electric technology and blow molding speed/pressure control algorithm, conformance to safety standards, a toggle clamping system designed by analysis program,
and a high speed blow molding mechanism.
Toggle-link high speed clamping system and highly rigid blow-molding mechanism.
Energy saving, low noise, and clean production.
High cycle molding with no time lag is attained by simultaneous operations.
Designed in accordance with safety standards.
Operational excellence and stable control system.

Mold clanping force KN 150 200
Dry cycle timesec sec 4 4.5
Mold transport stroke mm 650 760
Mold width Max.(W) mm 640 750
Mold height Max.(H) mm 430 430
opening distance(O) mm 560 560
Mold thickness Max.(T) mm 280 280
Screw diameter mm 90 100 100 100
Screw L/D mm 26/1 26/1 26/1 26/1
Screw speed range mm 60 60 60 60
Plasticzing capacity HDPE RPM 110 140 140 180
Driving motor kg/hr 45 55 55 75
Approximate utilities
Compressed air requirement(6~8bar) I/min 3,200 5,000
Machine Size( W x L x H ) mm 3,960 x 5,100 x 3,300 4,400 x 5,500 x 3,300
Weight ton 15 18


High Speed Shuttle Blow Molding Machines for Packing Containers ranging 2ml~30 Liters

NHBM Series automatic blow molding machines allow you to produce automatically all plastic containers for molding from
0.002liter up to 30liter.
Whichever other shape, fully automatically by removing scraps of course, for further processing whether with or without handle, at an excellent quality and a high production
output, that will gua-rantee you a decisive advantage over competitors in managing enterprise. Depending on product size, NHBM Series subdivided into three phrases enable even a machine to produce wide range of article size, due to maximize mutual conversion of machine each stage.NHBM Series automatic blow molding machines are the innovate answer to demands of the blow molding industry. Our range based on single/double station machines with a capacity up to 30liter, have been designed to offer more flexi-bility to our customers, in order to satisfy all their production needs.

NHBM-SeriesIn-Mold Labelling Machine System

YOUNG-IL, In-Mold labelling system is designed to permit easy in-mold-labeling right from the very start. The labelling unit is a separate unit and can simply be docked onto the outside of themachine. The unit also can be attached onto any other NHBM-S series machine of the same type. An electronic servo guarantees precise label positioning inside the mold capacity and reduces the cycle time due to its high speeds.