Cosmetic Tube Manufacturing Line


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Multi-layer Extruding & Cutting MacHigh

By extruding, making sleeve is the first step of seamless soft tube producing procedure.
And surface quality of sleeve is the first priority for valuable cosmetic tube.
Our accumulative technolgy delivers perfect surface even at high speed

Multi-layer Extruding & Cutting MacHigh
Multi-layer Extruding & Cutting MacHigh


  • Fast and easy tool change for diffent diameter of tube.
  • Modulized calibrator for saving time and expense.
  • Servo drive technology is used for haul-off and cutting device which enables accurate length.
  • Faster color changing time.
  • User friendly operating

Extruder & Head

Vacuum & Cooling Tank

Haul-Off & Cutter


No. of Layrer 1 layer 2 layer 3 layer 5 layer
Connected Load 59 kw 96 kw 132 kw 121 kw
Cooling Water 26,000 kcal 26,000 kcal 26,000 kcal 26,000 kcal
Machine Weight 3.5 ton 4.3 ton 5.2 ton 6 ton


Tube Diameter Ø16~Ø60 mm Ø16~Ø60 mm
Tube Length 50~250 mm 50~250 mm
Line Speed 16~20 m 16~20 m
Capacity 200 tubes 200 tubes

Head Injection Machine

Gawon presents proven injection molding technology for the benefit of tube manufacturers.
This injection molding machine makes perfect edge of shoulder with high suface quality.
Cost effective adaptability for round shape, oval and snap-on tubes.
Minimized man power by fully automatic operation will ensure high investment ratio.


  • Servo drive is used for infeed conveyor which Enables zero deficity of sleeve feeding.
  • Orientation function for oval tube and oriented cap.
  • Clean and pricise orifice cutting divice.
  • Faster color changing time.
  • User friendly operating panel.

Index Unit

Injcetion Unit

Orientation Unit


No. of Cavity2 cavity<4 cavity6 cavity
Cavity 16~22 pcs/min 32~44 pcs/min 48~66 pcs/min
Tube Diameter Ø16~Ø60 mm Ø16~Ø60 mm Ø16~Ø60 mm
Tube Length 60~200 mm 60~200 mm 60~200 mm


Screw Diameter Ø28 mm Ø28 mm Ø32 mm
Hydraulic Oil 50ℓ 50ℓ 70ℓ
Power Consumption 7 kw 10 kw 14 kw
Air Consumption 340ℓ / min 470ℓ / min 590ℓ / min

Offset Printing and Lacquering Machine

As an well known technology, Gawon offers improved technology of offset printing and lacquering
machine for extruded plastic tubes and sleeves.
Reliable performace ensure high-end attractive printing quality at high productivity.
Complete Printing, lacquering and drying in one machine.
Decoration by printing on tube is the most important for better appearance to consumers.


  • Surface pre-treatment by gas flame
  • Gradiation in high quality.
  • Easier and faster chage of printing plate and pint adjust.
  • Starwheel type of feeder.
  • Precise measured lacquering by very fine surface of anilox.
  • UV curing for both ink and varnish.

Ink Transmission Unit

Lacquering Unit

UV Curing Unit


No. of Blanket 1 2
No. of Mandrel 10 16
Air Consumption 460ℓ / min 650ℓ / min
Power Consumption 14 kw 20 kw


No. of Color 5 color 7 color
Capacity 80 pcs/min 100 pcs/min
Tube Diameter Ø16~Ø60 mm Ø16~Ø60 mm
Tube Length 60~200 mm 60~200 mm

Capping Machine

To meet customer's need Gawon have develped un surpassed capping machine
by expertise through our many years of experience.


  • Screw and snap-on cap.
  • Various torque adjustment for cap tightening.
  • Tubes feed from stroage hopper automatically.
  • Starwheel type drum feeder and pusher.
  • Orientation by servo control and sensing.


No. of Mandrel 12
Air Consumption 450ℓ / min
Power Consumption 6 kw


Applicable Cap Screw, Snap-On
Capacity 70pcs/min
Tube Diameter Ø16~Ø60 mm
Tube Length 50~200 mm